The Culture and Custom of Lampung People Are on the Verge of Extinction (Part ll)

Foto: Istimewa

“In this context the attitude of diplomacy and sunshine from the parties can also be a separate learning”

Oleh: Jacob Ereste

( – In a political perspective, the people of Lampung in general, their attitude towards marital attitudes is a belief in how to adhere to a firm principle –fi’il pesengiri – which is fairly strict to maintain dignity and self-esteem.

Presumably, that is why elopement is a common choice of attitude. Because the way to apply for a resikonta bride can be rejected by the family who is being applied. If only the rejection occurs, then the meaning of the dignity or self-esteem of the bridegroom will feel down and very embarrassing in the treatment of the family and residents of the local community.

Therefore, to get a bride is preferred to be taken by eloping. That is escaping a girl who wants to be made a bride by a man. And usually, for a bride who has been trafficked to the prospective family’s house, becoming a famali will be taken back. Because if a similar incident happened, he would be a disgrace to both parties in the view of the local community.

Therefore, the effort to forcibly pick up the bride and groom who had been forcibly rushed could cause a very fierce feud. It may be that there will be a kind of physical clash, while other parties – including the village or local security forces – can participate in dissolving with a neutral attitude that wants to create a peaceful atmosphere.

In this context the attitude of diplomacy and sunshine from the parties can also be a separate learning. The rationality of the way of thinking far away for the future that can still be arranged better, becomes a consideration and reference to accept the reality that occurs in front of the eye. Peace events are usually achieved. Although there are almost no brides who can be taken back by their families because the risk will be a disgrace that cannot be accepted by any party, including residents of the surrounding community.

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